Our Priorities

Diamond Canters SL will Build Smart Entrepreneurial with Knowledge of Rough Diamond/Gold & Precious Minerals, Planning and Basic

Polishing Skills In Eco-was Gold, Powered Climate Smart Food and Education, IN Gold & Diamond mines Of Eco-was Countries. Diamond Center to make SAMS (TT) Bars in LBMA Approved Refiners in Hk and Dubai to Offer SAMS Block Chan (TT) Bar to (SME) and Pak Gold coins to Covid 19 Resident for Inflation Free Total Quality Life
Honesty, integrity, working together we can Achieve More Economic Vibrancy Better Life for All.

About us;

We facilitate the buyer and seller mandate in Gold and diamonds/precious minerals.
We also provide buyers Manifest Report for buyers pick list.Saving buyers unnecessary cost of travelling to Africa. Our office Evaluate 70% of the Artisanal miners diamonds in Sierra Leone and we keep the database for any potential buyers.
We have the only legal Gemologist in town.
Our doors are open for Consultation/Compliance.
We are interested in working with potential investors interested in precious minerals in West Africa.



Viewers All over the world you are highly welcomed to View our website. diamondcenter-SL.com is where the business of Honesty Integrity in the diamond industry begins in Sierra Leone.
INTRODUCTION:Some aspect of the diamond economy, approximately 170 million carat of diamond are mined annually in the world today.
However, less than 50% of this amount (80million carat) can be classified as Gems or near gems.
Gem diamonds are used almost exclusively for the manufacture of Jewelry, which is classified as Luxury goods. The Worlds rough gems diamond trade total $12.4 billion a year or about $67 billion for diamond jewelry is regarded as a luxury goods, It is worth nothing that diamond sales of both rough and polished has generally kept peace with world economic growth. More specifically, for every one percent increase in the world G.D.P, diamond sales increases by a fraction less than one percent.

(C.S.P) Diamond Center S/L. Will Partner with Government of Sierra Leone To Build the State Diamond &Gold Trader, its Function is to acquire Rough Diamond &Gold From Producers (up to 10% of Production by Value and carats) And to Supply Rough Diamond & Gold Purchased to a Client Base OF Local Diamond & Gold Beneficiation .Its Objective Are To Promote Equitable Access to Local Beneficiation Of Sierra Leone Gold & Diamond Production.

Our Vision

Community Services Provider (C.S.P) Diamond Center S/L. Will build Center to DE monopolize the Diamond & Gold/ Precious Mineral Industry in West Africa Communities and Enrol Its Mission to the African Continent


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